Bebo's UK losses revealed

bebo logo
Bebo's parent company, AOL, has said it will sell or shut the website. Photograph: Linda Nylind

Bebo UK plunged into the red last year as post-tax profits fell 143% year on year in the 12 months to the end of May 2009, a performance that led its parent, AOL, to decide to sell or shut the struggling social networking website.

The social networking website's UK business moved from a healthy post-tax profit of £2.6m in the previous year to a loss of £1.1m, a 143% year-on-year fall, according to figures for Bebo UK Ltd filed at Companies House. AOL acquired Bebo in 2008 for $850m (£550m).

Companies House figures show that turnover fell 29% year on year, from £8.8m to £6.2m, for the period, while operating profits were down 32% from £798,560 to £541,268.

The Top 7 Ways You can Detect Malware in Your System

Cybercriminals are making every effort to inject Malware in your system so that it is going to be difficult to detect. Many computers are loaded with this stuff but the users have no idea its there or how to get rid of it. It is very crucial to know what is running in your computer. This article highlights some of the useful anti malware utilities that can detect, remove and block malware from your system.
  • Microsoft Process Explorer: Process Explorer shows you information about what processes are running on your system. It also describes each process. When your PC is running okay, you can runProcess Explorer to save a baseline. If anything goes wrong in your PC, you can see the differences between the list of processes beforehand and afterward. That may give you some clue about possibleMalware attack.
  • Kaspersky's GetSystemInfo: GetSystemInfo is a free system program that gives you useful information about your system in order to troubleshoot technical issues. It can be used to detect incompatible software, detect possible malware on your computer. It creates a report, or log file, with the results of the scan. Users can also upload and analyze the report log file on the GSI Parser website as mentioned in the above link.

Your Google Password Might have been Compromised

In cyberattack December last year Google had intruders stealing vital information from its computer. However, the Mountain View company didn't reveal the exact nature and extent of the theft that involved closely guarded company secret. According to the latest reports in NYT, one of the Google's password system that controls access by millions of users worldwide to almost all of the company's web services including the email and business applications.

Google's program code named Gaia was attacked in a lightning raid taking less than two days last December. Actually, Gaia allows users to sign in using their password for a range of services compromises during a two-day attack last December. However, it's a relief for Gmail users that their passwords have not been stolen.Google initiated the security changes to its networks.

The intrusion began when Google employee in China clicked on a link sent in an instant message, which took the visitor to a corrupted website. It allowed access to the employee's personalcomputer and ultimately the computers used by a key group of software developers at the company headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Apple's iPad war on Adobe and Flash

Last week's announcement by Apple that the UK launch of the iPad will be delayed by a month was the headline news for consumers, but for geeks a more significant development came on Thursday with some changes in the 21,000-word "agreement" that you have to sign if you are going to develop applications for Apple's iDevices.

Section 3.3.1 of the document stipulates that "Applications must be originally written in Objective-C, C, C++, or JavaScript as executed by the iPhone OS WebKit engine, and only code written in C, C++ and Objective-C may compile and directly link against the documented APIs (eg, applications that link to documented APIs through an intermediary translation or compatibility layer or tool are prohibited)."

Incomprehensible, eh? An API is an application programming interface – ie the protocol that programmers must follow if their software is to work with the iDevice. The really interesting clause, though, is the one enclosed in brackets. Translated into English it reads: screw you, Adobe!

Some background may help here. Adobe makes a lot of influential software – the Photoshop image-processing program, for example; and Acrobat, the program that enables people to create and read PDF files. Adobe also sells Flash, a multimedia platform that has become the de facto standard way to add animation and interactivity to web pages; currently about three-quarters of all online video material is encoded in Flash format.

Facebook battles for even more of your personal info with new 'like' tool

Can Facebook get any bigger? The F8 developer event on Wednesday will reveal a Facebook 'like' button that will expand the existing sharing options between Facebook and the rest of the web, reports the New York Times.
The existing share button will add a favourite link to a user's profile, but the new 'like' feature makes that much more substantial, allowing publishers to offer a wider range of social sharing tools and giving Facebook more data and what is being shared and who by.

Freedom by recursion_see_recursion.

Photo by recursion_see_recursion on Flickr. Some rights reserved

In return, publishers get access to some of that information to contextualise information on that page - so rather than listing the most read articles on its site, the like feature could show which articles the reader's friends had recommended.

Porn virus publishes web history of victims on the net

A new type of malware infects PCs using file-share sites and publishes the user's net history on a public website before demanding a fee for its removal.

The Japanese trojan virus installs itself on computers using a popular file-share service called Winni, used by up to 200m people.

It targets those downloading illegal copies of games in the Hentai genre, an explicit form of anime.

Website Yomiuri claims that 5500 people have so far admitted to being infected.

The virus, known as Kenzero, is being monitored by web security firm Trend Micro in Japan.

Masquerading as a game installation screen, it requests the PC owner's personal details.

It then takes screengrabs of the user's web history and publishes it online in their name, before sending an e-mail or pop-up screen demanding a credit card payment of 1500 yen (£10) to "settle your violation of copyright law" and remove the webpage.

Held to ransom

The website that the history is published on is owned by a shell company called Romancing Inc. It is registered to a fictitious individual called Shoen Overns.

"We've seen the name before in association with the Zeus and Koobface trojans. It is an established criminal gang that is continuously involved in this sort of activity," said Rik Ferguson, senior security advisor at Trend Micro.

Google Again Posts Big Jumps In Sales And Profits

Google’s streak of strong quarters continues: The company just posted big increases in quarterly profits and revenue. Net revenue at the search giant was up 19 percent to $5.06 billion, compared to $4.1 billion a year ago. Net income increased to $1.96 billion, up from $1.4 billion a year ago. Both figures were squarely in line with analysts’ expectations. In after-hours trading, however, the company’s stock is down slightly.

The performance comes as reports have said that the search market is recovering faster than anticipated. (Even during the midst of the recession, however, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) continued to grow). A report earlier this week, for instance, said that search-ad spending had jumped 20 percent during the first quarter.
Some highlights:

Capital expenditures: Capital expenditures were only $239 million during the quarter, up slightly from the company’s $221 million in capital expenditures last quarter. That’s much less than what analysts had expected—and surprising considering executives’ comments last quarter that the company would be ramping up spending significantly.

Facebook Software Sexual Predators

Facebook believes 'under the radar' checks developed by its engineers are more important for keeping its site safe than public deterrents such as a Ceops 'panic button'. Photograph: Linda Nylind

Facebook has developed sophisticated algorithms to monitor its users and detect inappropriate and predatory behaviour, bolstering its latest raft of initiatives to improve the safety of its users.

Having launched an education campaign, an improved reporting procedure and a 24/7 police hotline on Monday, Facebook told the Guardian that it has introduced a number of algorithms that track the behaviour of its users and flag up suspicious activity, including members with a significant number of declined friend requests and those with a high proportion of contacts of one gender.

Another filter, common on web publishing sites, scans photo uploads for skin tones and blocks problem images – the "no nipples" filter that caused pictures of breastfeeding mothers to be inadvertently flagged and removed by the site last year.

Apple iPad blocked in Israel

Apple iPad
The Apple iPad’s stronger signal could throw off others’ wireless connections, Israeli officials said. Photograph: Reuters

Israel has banned imports of Apple's new product, the iPad, amid concerns that its Wi-Fi signals could disrupt other devices.

Customs officials said yesterday they have already confiscated about 10 of the lightweight tablet computers since Israel announced the new regulations this week. The ban prevents anyone, even tourists, from bringing iPads into Israel until officials certify that they comply with local transmitter standards.

The US federal communications commission allows devices with Wi-Fi capability to broadcast at higher power levels than are allowed in Europe and Israel meaning that the iPad's stronger signal could throw off others' wireless connections, Israeli officials said.

Daratan Baru Haloban Diawali Letusan

Misteri di balik munculnya daratan baru berbentuk gunung di perairan Haloban, Kecamatan Pulau Banyak, Aceh Singkil, mulai agak tersibak. Warga Haloban ternyata mendengar suara letusan dahsyat dari arah laut pada Selasa (13/4) malam, baru esoknya seorang nelayan menemukan daratan baru yang menyemburkan lumpur di antara Pulau Tailana dan Madang Kati, sekitar tiga mil arah utara Haloban. Wartawan Serambi, Dede Rosadi mendapatkan informasi itu di Haloban (Pulau Tuangku), 40 mil (lima jam perjalanan naik boat) dari Kota Singkil pada Jumat (16/4) siang.

Beberapa warga Haloban yang ditanyainya, mengaku sempat mendengar suara ledakan besar dari arah laut pada Selasa (13/4) malam. Namun, saat itu tidak ada warga yang menduga ledakan itu ada kaitannya dengan fenomena munculnya daratan baru di dekat Pulau Haloban pascagempa berkekuatan 7,2 skala Richter (SR) yang terjadi sepekan sebelumnya (Rabu dini hari, 7 April 2010). “Ya, kami dengar ada suara ledakan besar dari laut, tapi kami tidak menyangka ada hubungan dengan munculnya daratan baru di antara Pulau Tailana dengan Madang Kati yang cuma tiga mil dari Haloban,” kata Anhar (40), warga Haloban. Beberapa teman Anhar, antara lain Jafril, membenarkan pengakuannya.

Dilaporkan juga bahwa dasar laut yang naik itu dapat dilihat secara kasat mata dari permukaan laut. Puncaknya hanya berjarak sekitar 3-4 meter lagi dari permukaan. Tadinya, kedalaman laut di situ mencapai 18 hingga 20 meter. Artinya, terjadi pendangkalan yang cukup signifikan hanya dalam tiga hari. Bentang daratan yang baru muncul itu berkisar antara 45-50 meter. Wartawan Serambi Dede Rosadi kemarin sore ikut menyelam di lokasi itu bersama Taufik, anggota DPRK Aceh Singkil, dan sejumlah nelayan setempat. Pada kedalaman lima meter dari permukaan laut, ia mengaku dapat menyaksikan gelembung air dan semburan lumpur campur pasir yang terus ke luar dari puncak daratan yang sekilas mirip gunung itu. Volume semburannya kecil, tapi tempat menyemburnya banyak.

Amazing Ads for Earth Day

Pulau Aneh di Kecamatan Pulau Banyak, Singkil


Suatu keanehan telah terjadi di Perairan Pulau Taelana Kecamatan Pulau Banyak, lokasi ini adalah tempat para nelayan mencari ikan dan udang namun pada tanggal 13 April 2010 seorang nelayan warga Desa Haloban mencoba melaut di lokasi ini, yang dikehendaki adalah ikan dan udang dapat ditemukan tetapi keadaan berobah sang nelayan hanya menemukan suatu keanehan, disini nelayan tersebut menemukan sebuah gundukan tanah didalam laut dengan puncaknya seperti kuali dan pada puncaknya ini ditemukan lumpur, adajuga sejenis benda padat berwarna hitam dan bila dibakar maka benda padat tersebut akan terbakar dan menimbulkan aroma (dlm gambar terlihat benda hitam tsb sedang dibakar), selain itu juga ada beberapa jenis batu salah satu diantaranya batu dengan benjolan benjolan berwarna kuning keemasan dan bila kena sinar akan memantulkan cahaya sebagaimana terlihat pada gambar ini. 

Top 7 Open Source Applications for Enterprise estimated that there are 230,000 open source projects on its site till Feb last year. Some of the projects are outdated, some of them do no not provide any support and others are in development phase. So, it is hard to find the right one for your need. I jot down 7 best open source applications after going through different news articles that can be used for enterprise environment.

* Network Monitoring with Zenoss: For enterprises, system administrator needs to monitor services and see that hosts are up and running. Zenoss is used for Availability monitoring and Performance monitoring, Event monitoring and Inventory Tracking. It is compatible with hosts SNMP, SSH, Windows WMI, Nagios agents, etc. The software is written in Python and uses mySql as the back end.
* Managing Identities with OpenDS: SUN's OpenDS is a free, open directory service which is written in Java. It uses Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and related standards. As more and more enterprise apps are coming, identity management becomes very important for any enterprise. Access management and Directory services are the two main constituents for enterprise identity management.
Now a days, it is getting more complex to deploy and manage identity management capabilities. The goal of OpenDS is to attract developers to build advanced directory services. It supports operating system ranging from Windows, Red Hat, Ubuntu Solaris, Open Solaris, etc.

Osama bin Laden’s Facebook account disabled

Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden's profile on social networking website Facebook has been shut down, after a security expert raised the issue with the website's U.S. owners.

According to reports, Osama had a Facebook page named "The leader of the Mujahideen, Osama bin Laden", and he used it as a platform to show videos and speeches to Islamic militants.

Talking about the decision, Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said that the company could not ascertain if the profile belonged to Osama or was fake.

"People often attempt to register fake accounts under the name of famous or infamous people, and we have a number of technical measures designed to prevent this behavior," Fox News quoted Noyes, as saying.

Microsoft Bantah Perlakukan Pegawai Seperti Tahanan

Microsoft menindaklanjuti laporan yang menyebutkan pihaknya telah mempekerjakan anak-anak dibawah umur dan memperlakukan mereka seperti tawanan dalam penjara.

Sebelumnya, National Labor Committee (NLC) melaporkan bahwa salah satu pabrik penyuplai perangkat tetikus, kamera dan pengontrol game Xbox untuk Microsoft, mempekerjakan remaja berusia 16 dan 17 tahun dengan tidak manusiawi.

Mendengar laporan tersebut, Microsoft segera melakukan investigasi ke pabrik bernama KYE yang berlokasi di provinsi Guangdong tersebut untuk mengecek kebenarannya.

“Kami memiliki tim independen untuk melakukan investigasi lengkap dan menyeluruh,” tulis Brian Tobey yang mengepalai unit perangkat dan hiburan Microsoft dalam blognya, seperti dikutip dari Sydney Morning Herald, Sabtu (17/4/2010).

“Jika kami menemukan pabrik tersebut tidak mengikuti standar Microsoft, kami akan menindaknya sesuai ketentuan yang berlaku,” tegasnya.

8 Pelajar Wanita Jadi Korban SMS Porno

Kasus berkirim SMS porno alias sexting yang membuat 8 pelajar wanita jadi korban, jadi berita cukup heboh di Amerika Serikat. Para pelakunya adalah empat pelajar teman sekolah korban sendiri di Yucaipa High School, California.

Awalnya, polisi menerima laporan soal adanya postingan foto cabul siswa putri sekolah itu di sebuah website. Investigasi berhasil membuktikan, keempat siswa pria yang sama-sama masih berumur 15 tahun itu adalah pelakunya.

Sejauh ini, sebanyak 8 siswa perempuan diketahui menjadi korban sexting itu. Para pelaku sexting memang belum dijebloskan ke bui, namun mereka terancam didakwa terlibat dalam kasus pornografi anak.

Differences of Google Nexus One and Apple iPhone

Which should I buy Google Nexus One or Apple iPhone ?
This is a common question to the readers. Below I share some of my experiences on Nexus One vs. iPhone after using both of them for the past few days.
  • I feels iPhone's back swipe much more intuitive than pressing the back icon of Nexus One
  • Do you want to know the biggest difference of Nexus One vs. iPhone ?
    I need a manual to use Nexus One but with iPhone I never did and I am a hardcore techie.
  • My personal experience is that with UI & usability improvements Nexus One can challenge iPhone, however it is not there yet.
  • Sometimes small things make the biggest difference.
    Nexus One should focus more resources on making it more intuitive. Even the way to slide to unlock is not clear unlike iPhone.

Google hiring Goats: Baaa

Whack! You could see 200 goats chomping away the "grassy goodness" in Mountain View headquarters. Is the search-engine czar considering a new venture in business of chèvre. Google has hired hundreds of goats from California Grazing for a week - does it make any sense? Why would they do so, given their lucrative world-wide business? Well, Googleplex has designed a bats in the belfry solution for the overgrown field - goats…lol. It's not as ludicrous as it sounds.

A feasibility study suggests: cost of bringing goats is comparable to hiring lawn mowers for the same job. More than this, the green benefits of hiring goats are obvious - cutting out on the mower emission; restoring plan species; fertilize while grazing; and reduce noise pollution.

Google is out on honest effort to reduce the carbon footprint, perhaps the men in Mountain View are conscious of Albert "Al" Gore's An Inconvenient Truth (Oscar winning documentary on Earth's climate crisis).

Osama bin Laden has a page on Facebook

Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is reportedly using social networking website Facebook as a platform to show videos and speeches to Islamic militants.

According to reports, Osama has a page named "The leader of the Mujahideen, Osama bin Laden" and his address is given as "the mountains of the world".

Following the revelation, security experts have urged Facebook's US office to shut down the page.

Daftar Negara Pembuat Film Dewasa

Ternyata Indonesia termasuk negara yang ikut andil dalam semaraknya dunia film bokep dan diperingkat terakhir diduduki negara Malaysia.

1. Jepang
Di jepang semua kategori film porno ada dari versi scat, bdsm, anime, dll. Di samping itu Jepang juga memiliki star bokep terkenal seperti Maria Ozawa, Sora aoi dan calon bintang baru yakni Madoka Ozawa, Maiko Yuki, Azumi Kawashima, Bunko Kanazawa. Negara nipon ini mempunyai film porno sekitar 1,4 milyar dalam 6 bulan.

2. USA
Siapa yg tidak mengenal negara pengahasil Majalah playboy ini, di negara ini APAPUN BEBAS.
Negara USA mengahsilkan 7 juta per jam film bokep.

Google CEO Schmidt Says 'high quality journalism will triumph'

The newspaper business has been absolutely decimated over the past decade as many news organizations adapted slowly to the changes brought forth by the Internet. But one of the men partly responsible for helping to usher in the new era of digital media (and advertising) is hopeful about the future of news. And he actually believes companies can make money off it.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt -- speaking at the American Society of News Editors annual meeting in Washington D.C. -- reportedly said that high-quality journalism will prevail. Politico's Jake Sherman has a detailed report on Schmidt's remarks, including the high-tech executive's advice for making money off content on the Web.

As has become a common refrain in the news media business, Schmidt also noted that there's more of a business model problem than a news problem facing the industry.

Twitter Rilis Platform Iklan

Sejak kemunculannya, banyak orang mempertanyakan soal bagaimana Twitter menghasilkan uang. Rencana Twitter untuk merilis platform iklan mungkin bisa menjawab rasa penasaran publik atas pertanyaan tersebut.

Dulu, Twitter sempat 'ogah' pasang iklan. Mereka tidak mempertimbangkan pemasangan iklan sebagai salah satu sumber penghasilan mereka. Namun nampaknya, situs mikroblogging tersebut kini berubah pikiran.

Seperti dilansir TechCrunch, Selasa (13/4/2010), Twitter akan merilis sebuah platform iklan yang nantinya akan berisi tweet bermuatan promosi.

Berbagai tweet promosi tersebut bermunculan pada hasil pencarian Twitter mulai hari ini. Perlahan namun pasti, platform iklan ini diprediksi akan mengubah main feed Twitter secara bertahap.

Kalah Saing dengan Pornografi Internet, Klub Bugil Bangkrut

Peredaran pornografi di internet memang dahsyat dengan berbagai macam dampak. Bahkan sebuah klub bugil legendaris yang biasa menyajikan tarian telanjang bagi para pengunjungnya bangkrut gara-gara tidak kuat bersaing dengan konten mesum di dunia maya.

Klub di Seattle, Amerika Serikat bernama Lusty Lady ini sudah mengabari para pegawai akan segera tutup. Di samping tekanan krisis ekonomi, pornografi internet juga dipersalahkan sebagai biang bangkrutnya klub tersebut.

"Fakta bahwa Anda bisa mendapatkan pornografi kualitas tinggi dengan jumlah besar secara gratis di internet telah membuat dampak nyata (bagi kami)," ucap Darrel Davis, General Manager di Lusty Lady.

CEO Google Bocorkan 'gPad', Calon Penantang iPad

Google tampaknya makin serius memproduksi berbagai gadget andalan. Setelah menelurkan ponsel Nexus One, raksasa mesin cari ini dilaporkan sedang mempersiapkan komputer tablet berjuluk 'gPad' yang ditujukan untuk menghantam Apple iPad.

Menurut laporan media New York Times, Chief Executive Google Eric Schmidt selip lidah sehingga dalam sebuah pesta internal, ia membocorkan tentang adanya pengembangan tablet tersebut. Schmidt mendeskripsikan tablet Google sebagai tablet reader yang punya fungsi komputasi.

Dilansir V3 dan dikutip detikINET, Selasa (13/4/2010), tablet itu hampir bisa dipastikan mengandalkan sistem operasi Android berikut layanan konten di Marketplace. Sedangkan untuk menyediakan ebook, kemungkinan akan memakai layanan Google Books.

Sebuah Pelajaran Tentang Teknologi Ponsel

Bagaimana ponsel bekerja adalah menarik, tapi agak rumit untuk menjelaskan. Untuk membantu Anda, saya akan menjelaskan apa yang terjadi bila Anda mengambil telepon Anda dan membuat panggilan telepon.

Jadi Anda punya telepon Anda di tangan Anda. Saya yakin Anda tahu bahwa bar sinyal pada layar menunjukkan seberapa baik sinyal telepon Anda dapatkan. Apakah yang menentukan ini adalah seberapa dekat Anda dengan stasiun pangkalan - yang adalah, antena yang terhubung ke jaringan, kabel telepon yang sebenarnya.

stasiun Base merupakan inti dari sebuah jaringan telepon selular, dan ada banyak dari mereka. Di kota, mereka dapat sesedikit seperempat mil terpisah, dan bahkan jauh di pedesaan cenderung terjadi satu setiap lima mil atau lebih. Anda tidak cenderung melihat mereka, karena mereka pandai menyamar - sering di menara gereja, kadang-kadang bahkan menyamar sebagai pohon - tetapi mereka yang benar-benar di mana-mana.

Yahoo Introduces Daily News-Based Series

Yahoo's news site is launching a daily 90-second series based on its most popular stories.

Yahoo says it is teaming with Toyota and the production company Reveille to make "Who Knew?". The feature made its debut Monday on the popular news page.

Producers take the story that gets the most clicks on Yahoo's Web site and within 24 hours make a feature that offers background material. Something new will be posted each workday.

Woody Thompson, who created the "Pop Up Video" series for VH1, helped make this new series.

The first episode Monday offered details about the Shroud of Turin, including how many times it has been put on display.

Five Tips for IT Managers to Manage the Economic Downturn

Intelliden Inc., a networking solution provider has briefed 5 key strategies that can help both the network and technology manager to monitor the current economic downturn and strategize such a way that the company performs better during economic upturn.
  • Control cost without compromising the business: Technology Managers should consider the technologies that saves the cost. If you have a resource constraint, Network automation is a good choice. Automation of key network configuration management, compliance and provisioning processes helps companies to achieve more. Companies can also get the maximum of ROI from the past investments by recovering lost network assets.
  • Simplify your technology: Recession is the time when you can simplify IT architectures, systems and processes. If the system is less in number, then it will be easier to manage with lesser people. You can simplify thetechnology environment by adopting commercial-off-the-shelf methodology. This way you can train your employees for fewer application for completion and longer term cost of support.

Top Ten Largest Deserts

10. Kara-Kum Desert, Uzbekistan / Turkmenistan
Top 10 Largest Deserts
The Karakum Desert, also spelled Kara-Kum and Gara Gum is a desert in Central Asia. It occupies about 70 percent, or 350,000 km², of the area of Turkmenistan. Covering much of present day Turkmenistan, the Karakum Desert lies east of the Caspian Sea, with the Aral Sea to the north and the Amu Darya river and the Kyzyl Kum desert to the northeast. In modern times, with the shrinking of the Aral Sea, the extended “Aral Karakum” has appeared on the former seabed, with an estimated area of 15,440 sq. The sands of the Aral Karakum are made up of a salt-marsh consisting of finely-dispersed evaporites and remnants of alkaline mineral deposits, washed into the basin from irrigated fields. The dusts blown on a powerful east-west airstream carry pesticide residues that have been found in the blood of penguins in Antarctica.

Daftar Honor Artis Indonesia

Bintang TV paling mahal

1.Dude Harlino : 45-50 Jt/ eps
2.Tukul Arwana : 35-40 Jt/ show
3.Tantowi Yahya : 30-35 Jt/ show
4.Deddy Mizwar : 26-31 Jt/ eps
5.Naysilla Mirdad : 25-30 Jt/ eps
6.Marshanda : 25-28 Jt/ eps
7.Baim Wong : 25-27 Jt/ eps
8.Rosianna Silalahi : 25-27 Jt/ eps
9.Shireen Sungkar : 20-25 Jt/ eps
10.Teuku Wisnu : 20 Jt/ eps

Artis Musik paling mahal

1.Ungu : 400-500 Jt/ show
2.Peterpan : 350 Jt/ show
3.Nidji : 250 Jt/ show
4.Samsons : 90-100 Jt/ show
5.Letto : 80-90 Jt/ show
6.Kangen Band : 75-80 Jt/ show
7.The Rock : 70-75 Jt/ show
8.Gigi : 60-70 Jt/ show
9.Agnes Monica : 50-60 Jt/ show
10.Drive : 45-50 Jt/ show

Top 500 Valuable Brands in Business World

List of Top 500 valuable brands in business world.
walmart logo Top 500 valuable brands in business world
1. Walmart
2. Google
3. Coca-Cola
4. IBM
5. Microsoft
6. GE
7. Vodafone
9. HP
10. Toyota
vodafonelogo rev Top 500 valuable brands in business world

Indeks International Fungsi Ereksi (IIEF)

Disfungsi ereksi (ED) adalah ketidak mampuan untuk mencapai atau mempertahankan ereksi penis yang cukup untuk melakukan hubungan seksual, terdapat pada jutaan laki-laki dengan berbagai derajat. Sebagian besar kasus penyebabnya bersifat organik, berupa penyakit pembuluh darah yang akan menurunkan aliran darah ke dalam penis.

Terlepas dari penyebab utamanya, disfungsi ereksi memiliki dampak negatif terhadap harga diri, kualitas hidup dan hubungan interpersonal. Langkah awal dalam evaluasi adalah dengan mencari riwayat medis dan sosial secara rinci, termasuk penggunaan obat-obatan.

Untuk menilai derajat/indeks ED secara sederhana dapat dilakukan dengan mempergunakan kuisioner seperti dibawah ini:

Harga dan Spesifikasi iPad Apple

iPad merupakan komputer yang tercanggih untuk saat ini yang berbentuk tablet. Ipad dirilis oleh Apple pada 27 januari 2010 yang lalu di Sanfransisco.

Ipad dalah komputer yang mudah dibawa kemana saja, seperti perpaduan antara laptop dan smartphone. Modelnya agak-agak mirip dengan Iphone, tetapi iPad lebih besar dan layar yang lebih lebar.Untuk tau lebih lanjut, yuk kita intip spesifikasi dan harga IPad ini.

White Strawberry But Tastes Like Pineapple

A new kind of fruit that looks like a white strawberry but tastes like a pineapple is going on sale in the UK.

Called pineberry, the strange-looking-variety of the popular summer fruit originated in South America where it grew wild. It had been near to extinction until seven years ago when Dutch began growing it commercially.

Pineberries will be on sale for five weeks at selected Waitrose branches. A 125g punnet will cost £2.99 until April 13 and then sell for £3.99.

Nicki Baggott, Waitrose fruit buyer, said: ”Pineberries offer our customers the chance to add a new fruit into their diet and the berry’s bright appearance can add an unusual decoration to sweet dishes.”

Top Ten Richest People in 2010

Mukesh Ambani is ranked fourth among the World's top 10 billionaires by the Forbes Magazine with total assets worth $29 billion followed by another Indian, steel tycoon L N Mittal, who ranked fifth with a total value of $28.7 billion.

The Forbes Billionaires list for 2010 has witnessed Mexican Carlo Slim surpassing Bill Gates and Warrant Buffett to be the richest man on the earth. Slim's total worth rose $18.5 billion during the year to an estimated $53.5 billion, the Forbes Magazine said. Gates remained second with a fortune of $53 billion.

Apart from Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani and Head of ArcelorMittal L N Mittal, there were four other Indian tycoons in the top 50 list and 49 others in the complete list of 1,011 billionaires.

The four Indian businessmen, besides Ambani and Mittal, in the top 50 list are Azim Premji (ranked: 28, worth: $17 billion), Sashi Ruia and Ravi Ruia (ranked: 40, worth: $13 billion), and Savitri Jindal (ranked: 44, worth: $12.2 billion).

Facebook Hires Google Data Center Exec

Facebook announced today that Ken Patchett will be the manager of the company’s new data center in Prineville, Oregon. Patchett previously worked at Google, where he supervised the data center campus in The Dalles, Oregon. Patchett previously worked at Compag and the network operations team at Microsoft.

“The people of Prineville have been so welcoming to Facebook and I look forward to working with the community going forward,” said Patchett. “With my previous experience in The Dalles, I have seen what the presence of a data center can do for a community and we look to have similar results here in Prineville. We have a lot to do to bring our energy efficient data center online early next year, and continue to be committed to hiring as many local people as possible to build and operate the facility.”

32 Rahasia Israel yang tidak Dipublikasikan

1. Tahukah anda bahwa selain ras yahudi, dilarang membeli atau menyewa tanah di Israel?
2. Tahukah anda bahwa setiap ras yahudi yang ada di setiap Negara di seluruh dunia menjadi warga Negara Israel secara otomatis? Sementara warga Palestina yang terlahir di tanah negerinya sendiri sejak puluhan abad yang lalu terus diusir ke luar Palestina?
3. Tahukah anda bahwa penduduk Palestina yang menetap di kawasan Israel harus menggunakan kendaraan dengan cat dan warna khusus untuk membedakan antara ras yahudi dan non yahudi?
4. Tahukah anda bahwa Yerusalem bagian timur, Tepi Barat, Gaza dan dataran tinggi Golan dianggap oleh masyarakat internasional khususnya barat dan Amerika sebagai kawasan yang dijajah Israel dan bukan merupakan bagian dari Israel?

'Facebook Ignores Demands For Panic Button'

Facebook is ignoring users' complaints about paedophile threats, according to the UK's top child abuse investigator.

Little girl at a computer
Parents are complaining that Facebook is ignoring their fears

More than 250 Facebook users this year have reported concerns to the leading social networking site and have not had a response, said Jim Gamble, head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop).

The complaints were pursued by Ceop and have led to police investigations into sex grooming, bullying and hacking, Mr Gamble said. Some suspects have been arrested.

MySpace Users To Link Social Networks

MySpace hopes its move to allow users to share online content from other social networks will drive people back to their site.

The social networking site said more similar features would soon be introduced

Once the world's most popular social networking site, MySpace has fallen behind the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

But a new MySpace service lets people connect all their web accounts, rather than having to choose between using one or the other.

Google CEO Says Newspapers Can Make Money Online

Google Inc. Chief Executive Eric Schmidt told a group of editors Sunday that he is confident that newspapers will find new ways to make money online by harnessing the vast reach of the Internet.

Media executives have accused Google of draining readers and advertising from newspapers' Web sites. But in a speech to open the annual conference of the American Society of News Editors, Schmidt said Google recognizes that newspapers are vital to democracy and provide a critical source of online content.

"We understand how fundamental your mission is," he said.

Schmidt predicted that the news business will find a new model, based on a combination of advertising and subscription revenue. He said Google hopes to facilitate that, but he offered no specifics.

Kejahatan Seks Anak Melonjak, Facebook Dikecam

Maraknya kasus kejahatan seks yang melibatkan Facebook sedang jadi topik hangat di Inggris. Situs jejaring terpopuler ini dianggap abai terhadap keselamatan anak kecil, karena kurang berupaya membendung para predator seks beraksi via situs.

Jim Gamble, kepala CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre), mengungkap pihaknya menerima komplain yang terus meningkat soal kasus pedofilia, pelecehan ataupun pembobolan account Facebook.

Total ada 252 laporan soal kejahatan di Facebook dalam 3 bulan terakhir di tahun 2010. Hal ini merupakan lonjakan hampir 4 kali lipat dari tahun lalu, di mana 'hanya' ada 292 komplain dalam 12 bulan.

Samsung Galaxy: Another Android Blasts Off 
IT'S getting harder and harder to keep up with all the latest Android mobile phone launches.

They are like buses. You wait ages for one, and then about six come along at once.

Hot on the heels of the Sony Ericsson X10, LG's first in the GW620, HTC and its Legend and Desire plus Samsung's own Galaxy Portal now comes this beauty.

Again it's a Samsung. Again it's a Galaxy but this is codenamed the S and we've no idea why. It's hardly catchy.

Timah Panas Itu Gagal Menembus Jantung

Cerita ini bermula ketika salah seorang pejuang yang menderita luka memasuki rumah sakit As Syifa’. Seorang dokter yang memeriksanya kaget ketika mengelahui ada sepotong proyektil peluru bersarang di saku pejuang tersebut.

Yang membuat ia sangat kaget adalah timah panas itu gagal menembus jantung sang pejuang karena terhalang oleh sebuah buku doa dan mushaf al-Qur’an yang selalu berada di saku sang pejuang.

Buku kumpulun doa itu berlobang, namun hanya sampul muka mushaf itu saja yang rusak, sedangkan proyektil sendiri bentuknya sudah “berantakan”.

Kisah ini disaksikan sendiri oleh Dr Hisam Az Zaghah, dan diceritakannya saat Festival Ikatan Dokter Yordan sebagaimana ditulis situs partai Al Ikhwan Al Muslimun (23/1/2009).

Social Networks That Have Failed Under New Owners

Bebo, Myspace, Facebook: What your website says about you
AOL’s struggle to make Bebo profitable is not the first time that a social network has brought trouble to its new owners.

Both the purchase of MySpace by News Corporation and of Friends Reunited by ITV has coincided with those networks losing huge amounts of value: Rupert Murdoch paid £364 million for MySpace, while ITV paid £175 million for Friends Reunited. MySpace is now valued for “next to nothing” according to former Merrill Lynch analyst Henry Blodget, and ITV sold Friends Reunited for £25 million last year.

Twitter App Launched for BlackBerry Handsets

Twitter for BlackBerry
The Twitter app for BlackBerry phones offers some cool new features

Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones has been released as a publicly available beta. The client has been tested internally by RIM since February, and the general release includes a number of extra features.

The client enables BlackBerry users to tailor the way @replies and direct messages are pushed to their device, and new messages are sent in real-time so that users can respond instantly.

Should I Buy an iPad?

With all the hype the iPad has gained since even before its release, I know that a lot of you are wondering whether to buy one or not. Here’s a flowchart that might just make ur life simpler and help you find the answer

Windows 7 SP1 Beta Leak

Windows 7 SP1 has been leaked ahead of the beta cycle and its available as a torrent.  It's already downloaded from a number of torrent sites. One of the working strings being 6.1.7601.16537.amd64fre.win7.100327-0053. The Service Pack 1 was announced in March for both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, but the release date was yet to be scheduled. According to Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc, SP1 for Windows 7 will include minor updates along with the previous updates that have been already delivered through Windows update. The leak confirms Windows 7 SP1 will offer updated Remote Desktop client that adds RemoteFX functionality introduced in SP1 for Windows Server 2008 R2.

What's unique, the Service Pack install process seems to take lesser time than service packs on Vista. If you are not to go for torrents, you can wait for Microsoft to announce the release date. For now you can catch up with the screenshots of Windows SP1 on GeekSmack

Chinese ‘Cyber Lover’ Cheats Internet Girlfriend of Two Million Yuan

he Chinese Police has detained an 18-year-old man suspected of defrauding his Internet girlfriend of more than two million yuan (307,064 dollars) in Qianan city of Northeast China's Hebei province.

The jobless young man surnamed Qiu got to know the girl surnamed Bi through QQ, the most popular Chinese instant messenger, in July 2009.

He called himself Guo Xingchen and told the girl that he was a pilot and that his family ran an iron and steel company, the China Daily reports.

Bi, who was impressed by Qiu's seemingly rich lifestyle, kept sending money in the following months to Qiu when he lied repeatedly, such as telling her about a car accident and organ transplant.

Serious Java Flaws Unearthed

All current versions of Windows are prone to external attack due to a flaw within the Java Web Start Framework. Two security researchers made this announcement yesterday about the flaw. The flaw could lead into very simple Web attacks, to fatal attack on the system. Researchers Tavis Ormandy and Ruben Santamartamade separate statements on this. You can find Travis's one over here and Santamarta's one over here.

If you send the information from the command line, Java Web Start doesn't validate it. That enables the attackers to send especially HTML tags from a Web page. All versions of Java SE 6 update 10 for Microsoft Windows are vulnerable to this attack. If you disable the plugin, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will be able to avoid the attack because the toolkit can be installed independently.

ABG Seret Ibunya ke Meja Hijau demi Facebook

Ternyata Facebook bisa menjadi salah satu penyebab cekcok antara ibu dan anak, yang berujung di persidangan.

Seorang remaja ABG belasan tahun baru-baru ini menyeret ibu kandungnya ke meja hijau, hanya gara-gara sang ibu mengintip isi Facebooknya.

Seperti dikutip dailymail, Lane, 16 tahun, meminta kepada pengadilan Arkansas agar menghukum ibunya, Denise New, karena 'mengobrak-abrik' akun Facebook-nya.

Lane menuduh ibunya tak hanya mengintip jeroan akunnya, melainkan juga memposting komentar-komentar yang bernada memfitnah atas nama dirinya.

Bahkan Lane mengklaim ibunya juga lalu mengubah email dan password, sehingga ia tak mendapatkan notifikasi dari Facebook dan tak bisa masuk kembali ke akun Facebook miliknya.

8 Things that Netbook can Learn From iPad

Video is one of the important features for any portable computer. Netbook doesn't handle Video that good. Netbook works pretty well with downloaded video files–but for Flash-based video like YouTube or Hulu, there is an issue for full screen HD. iPad doesn't support Flash. But, Netflix apps are loaded very quickly on iPad and the pic is crystal clear.

2. Netbook is not that portable like iPad. iPad is very thin and weighs half of the 10″ Netbook. The power adapter of Netbook looks awkward, but, the power chord of iPad is just like smartphone.

3. You can turn your iPad ON instantaneously without rebooting. But, Netbook has boot time similar to Laptops.

4. Netbooks can't play most of the games. The 3D engine on an iPhone plays games better than most Netbooks, but the gaming experience gets better with ipad. Apple's App Store makes sure that all games are compatible.

"Facebookers" Gorotalo Khawatir Unggah Dokumen Pribadi

Sejumlah "Facebookers" atau pengguna facebook mulai khawatir untuk mengunggah dokumen mereka yang bersifat pribadi ke dalam situs pertemanan tersebut.

Kekhawatiran itu menyusul informasi yang beredar, bahwa dokumen-dokumen pribadi seperti foto keluarga, foto "tempo dulu" bersama kawan-kawan lama, atau catatan-catatan penting yang diunggah oleh pengguna facebook itu, sewaktu-waktu dapat digunakan dan menjadi hak milik facebook sendiri.

Agustina, salah seorang pengguna Facebook di Gorontalo, Jumat, mengatakan mengaku cukup terkejut dengan informasi tersebut.

"Jangan unggah foto keluarga, anak-anak anda , atau foto lainnya yang punya nilai kenangan. Jangan unggah sesuatu yang punya nilai hak cipta milik anda. Misalnya ada yang mengarang buku lalu di publikasikan di Facebook. Facebook berhak menjual buku anda! Itu sama saja dengan anda menyatakan bahwa itu milik Facebook!," demikian Agustina menirukan isi informasi yang beredar pada sejumlah milis yang diikutinya itu.

PCs are Going to be Touch Screen by the Year 2015

As per the recent report by Gartner, although, touch screen devices started to come in the market in 2010, but, its adoption in Enterprise Market is still very slow. Nevertheless, the research firm predicted that 50 p.c. PCs will be touchscreen by the end of the year 2015.

"What we're going to see is the younger generation beginning to use touchscreen computers ahead of enterprises. We expect more than 50 per cent of PCs purchased for users under the age of 15 to have touchscreens, up from fewer than 2 per cent in 2009," said Leslie Fiering, research vice president at Gartner.

At the same time, she predicted that less than 10 per cent of PCs sold to enterprises in 2015 are going to have touchscreen. The release of smartphone like Apple iPhone and the very recent launch of iPad made touch screen based devices very popular across the users worldwide. Gartner further predicts that the smartphone users will want to extend their touch based experience in their PCs too.

Many enterprises use touch and pen for their vertical applications for field services, clipboard replacements etc. Touch is also being used by many information kiosks and automated teller machines (ATMs). This trend will grow further because hardware prices continue to drop and application software will become more sophisticated. Restaurants, retail and healthcare providers will adopt the touch screen devices early due to the nature of their services.

Complete List of 43 Twitter-derived APIs Unleased

Voila! For all Twitter mashups building unique apps for Twitter, the Twitter APIs are key. We got a across a directory of 43 Twitter derived APIs. Of course, there are scores of Twitter API open source examples to look into, but here's a collection to glance through. Developers have been using open source Twitter API for making applications, websites, widgets, and other projects that interact with Twitter.
The Twitter API in some part is responsible for the hiking demand for APIs. Evidently, it's a new trend popular with Internet operating systems that will allow "one platform build on another, and another builds on that one an so on. Here's the collection of Twitter based APIs.

Programmableweb offers the lists the 43 Twitter-derived APIs

Top 10 Payroll Software

Payroll is a major administrative hassle for every business, especially those running on small scale. It takes hours in calculating withholdings, completing government reports, depositing tax money in various accounts, and writing and signing checks. Apart from that there are other quarterly filings and tax-payment requirements that needs to be addressed on time. In case there are inaccuracies in processing it might result in legal repercussions. A hassle free payroll requires efficient payroll software that allows employers to pay the employees with ease, and manage payroll essentials like tax, insurance, holidays, absence and online year-end submissions to HMRC. For an easy selection we conducted an extensive research to sort out the top 10Payroll software.

1. Intuit Payroll

This is one of the favorite payroll software packages for small business for its simplicity and ease-of-use. Clients can easily manage their payroll online anytime, anywhere. Intuit automatically fills in the latest federal.Intuit's flexibility to the many unique variations makes it feasible for any business to adopt it on its payroll system.
Intuit Payroll standsout for its three pros
  • Unlimited payroll offered in monthly fee
  • All inclusive monthly charge based on three simple variables
  • Exteremely simple and intuitive to set up and use

BlackBerry Onyx Putih Segera Dirilis

Perangkat BlackBerry selalu identik dengan warna hitam. Dan, nyatanya warna ini memang paling mudah ditemui karena digunakan oleh kebanyakan orang. Tetapi, bukan berarti perangkat BlackBerry bewarna putih kemudian tidak laku di pasaran. Ia selalu mempunyai tempat tersendiri bagi kalangan tertentu.

Setelah Bold dan Gemini, kini giliran Onyx yang muncul dengan warna putih. Dilansir VIVAnews dari Pocket-Lint, Jumat 9 April 2010, Research In Motion (RIM), vendor perangkat sekaligus layanan BlackBerry asal Kanada, berencana merilis BlackBerry Bold 9700 alias Onyx di Inggris dalam waktu dekat.

Tak ada yang berbeda dibandingkan BlackBerry Onyx warna hitam, kecuali warna. BlackBerry Onyx putih ini juga bekerja di jaringan 3G HSDPA, WiFi b/g, dengan prosesor berkecepatan 624MHz, memori flash 256MB serta kamera 3,2 megapiksel (autofokus, lampu flash, dan rekam video). Fitur GPS terintegrasi yang mendukung aplikasi peta dan photo geotagging juga ada.

Google Jadikan PC Seperti Ponsel

Google sedang mengembangkan aplikasi desktop dari Google Voice. Langkah ini akan memberi kemudahan melakukan telepon langsung dari PC penggunanya.

Akhir November lalu Google mengakuisisi Gizmo5, layanan VoIP dan bisa menerima panggilan dari sambungan telepon rumah dan dari ponsel.

Gizmo5 memenuhi beberapa kekurangan dari produk Google Voice terutama menyediakan sambungan paling akhir ke rumah-rumah.

Saat ini, pengguna Google Voice harus menetapkan nomor Google Voice ke telepon sebenarnya agar dapat membuat dan menerima panggilan.

iPhone Baru Dikabarkan Akan Diumumkan Minggu Ini

Tak sampai seminggu setelah memulai penjualan iPad ke konsumen, Apple bakal punya gawe besar lagi. Kali ini, masa depan software iPhone yang akan diumumkan. Apakah versi iPhone terbaru juga akan diungkap?

Informasi yang pasti, Apple telah mengirim email ke sejumlah media untuk menghadiri pertemuan di kantor pusatnya di Cupertino, California, AS, pada Kamis (8/4/2010) mendatang. Dalam undangan hanya disebutkan, penjelasan awal mengenai iPhone OS (operating system).

Bisa jadi Apple akan mengungkap sistem operasi iPhone yang sempat menjadi rumor dalam beberapa bulan terakhir. Bahkan, bukan tidak mungkin bocoran mengenai perangkat iPhone terbaru yang selama ini banyak disebut-sebut akan diberi nama iPhone 4.0.

Strong Quake Jolts Indonesia’s Aceh

A strong earthquake jolted Indonesia’s Aceh province at the northern end of Sumatra Wednesday, damaging buildings and injuring at least a dozen people, officials said.

Indonesia’s Meteorology and Geophysics Agency issued a tsunami warning, but it was lifted more than an hour later after no big waves materialised.

The quake, measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale, struck at 5.15 a.m. (2215 GMT Tuesday) with its epicentre 75 km south-east of Sinabang on Simeulue island off the western coast of Aceh province. It occurred 34 km beneath the seabed, the agency said.

Video: 7.8 Earthquake in Indonesia

India’s mobile firms will be bidding billions of dollars in an auction this week to provide superfast third generation (3G) service in the country’s booming cellular market. Nine of the cellular firms plan to bid for 3G spectrum in the world’s fastest-growing mobile market.

Why Do You Need Vista Sidebar Gadget?

The Windows Vista sidebar doohickey is a vertical bar which runs by the side of the aptly side of the desktop. The Sidebar is competent of showing a uncommon digit of graphical doohickey interfaces, which of’ course depends on the size of the doohickey used. Beware! If you take place to cram too many gadgets into the Sidebar, it will reluctantly end up making a new page. You can batter to this new page with a single click.

Windows Vista has really let view run wild when it comes to making gadgets. The certainty in this proclamation, you shall find when you browse owing to the Microsoft’s Doohickey Gallery. This you can easily door owing to Vista. All you have to do is aptly-click on the Sidebar, and then click “Add Gadgets”. In the new dialogue box, click on ‘Get More Gadgets Online’. This austere plot will open the Pandora’s Box for you. You will run into a wide array of doohickey which would take many pages of Sidebars to contain them all.

New Password-Stealing Virus Targets Facebook

Hackers have flooded the Internet with virus-tainted spam that targets Facebook's estimated 400 million users in an effort to steal banking passwords and gather other sensitive information.

The emails tell recipients that the passwords on their Facebook accounts have been reset, urging them to click on an attachment to obtain new login credentials, according to anti-virus software maker McAfee Inc.

If the attachment is opened, it downloads several types of malicious software, including a program that steals passwords, McAfee said on Wednesday.

Hackers have long targeted Facebook users, sending them tainted messages via the social networking company's own internal email system. With this new attack, they are using regular Internet email to spread their malicious software.

Video: Pasca Gempa 7,2 SR Guncang Aceh

12 Korban Luka Akibat Gempa Simeulue

Sedikitnya 12 warga Sinabang, Kabupaten Simeulue dilaporkan mengalami luka berat dan ringan akibat gempa berkekuatan 7,2 pada Skala Richter (SR) yang mengguncang wilayah itu pukul 05.15 WIB, Rabu [07/04].

Petugas Satkorlak PB Aceh Iskandar kepada ANTARA di Banda Aceh, Rabu, menjelaskan, informasi 12 korban luka berat dan ringan itu merupakan laporan yang diterima dari Pemkab Simeuleu.

Disebutkan, dari 12 korban luka akibat gempa itu masing-masing empat mengalami luka parah dan delapan lainnya ringan dan kini mereka dalam perawatan intensif di Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah (RSUD) Simeulue.

Simeulue merupakan salah satu dari 23 kabupaten/kota yang wilayahnya berada di kepulauan atau sekitar 100 mil laut dari pesisir pantai barat Provinsi Aceh.

Broadband Internet Reaches 50 MBps

The Broadband Internet service in India lags behind that of other countries where downloading gigabytes of data is literally matter of minutes. The situation has not been very encouraging for the Indian users who still have to spend hours for downloading media files and software. Till a few days back, the highest data rate provided by broadband operators used to hover around 8 MBps mark. Things are going to change for the better for the Indian customers as leading telecom service provider Bharti Airtel is unleashing an unprecedented 50 MBps broadband service in select regions in the country.

The residents of Delhi and Gurgaon will be able to avail the high speed broadband Internet service offered by Airtel as of now. However, with such massive speed the service is going to come at a steep cost for the users. There are two data plans offered by the company. The customers can opt for the 30 Mbps plan or the 50 MBps one. For the 50 MBps data plan, the users would have to churn out Rs. 8999 a month while the other plan can be availed after paying Rs. 7999 a month.

10 Tips Agar Suami Selalu Sayang Dengan Sang Istri

Pelaku utama dalam kehidupan rumah tangga adalah suami dan istri. Keduanya laksana dua sahabat dan anggota tim yang harus kompak dalam membina biduk rumah tangga. Agar solid, antara suami dan istri harus bisa melakukan fungsi dan perannya masing-masing sesuai dengan tugas dan kewajibannya. Satu hal yang juga penting adalah bagaimana cinta antara keduanya bisa terus tumbuh dengan subur. Sebab, cinta akan membuat kehidupan keduanya menjadi lebih indah hingga terwujud keluarga yang sakînah mawadah wa rahmah, yang merupakan tujuan dibangunnya sebuah rumah tangga. (Lihat: QS ar-Rum [30]: 21).

Cinta Itu Fitrah

Pada diri manusia terdapat dua potensi (dorongan) hidup yang senantiasa mendorong dirinya untuk melakukan kegiatan dan menuntut pemuasan. Pertama: kebutuhan jasmani (hâjah al-’udhawiyah) seperti makan, minum, dan membuang hajat. Kedua: naluri (gharîzah) yang menuntut adanya pemenuhan saja. Salah satu dari naluri tersebut adalah gharîzah an-nau’ (naluri untuk mempertahankan spesies manusia), yang salah satu perwujudannya adalah munculnya rasa cinta/kasih-sayang, antara lain di antara suami-istri.

Berbeda dengan dorongan kebutuhan jasmani yang bersifat internal, misalnya orang ingin makan karena rasa lapar dari dalam dirinya, dorongan naluri baru akan muncul kalau ada rangsangan dari luar. Begitupun dengan cinta. Cinta antar suami-istri harus selalu dirangsang dan ditumbuhkan agar kehidupan rumah tangga berjalan dengan harmonis.

Colo Man Erases Facebook Data After Threat of Suit

An entrepreneur destroyed a database that showed regional patterns among 210 million Facebook users after the social networking site accused the Colorado man of misusing the site and threatened to sue.

Pete Warden of Boulder said he had planned to share the information he gathered with researchers. Facebook countered that Warden gathered the data without permission, violating rules of the site.

Warden recently announced he had destroyed the data, including his own copy. He said he wasn't convinced that what he did was illegal but said he couldn't afford to fight a lawsuit.

Warden said he starting compiling the data while developing a search engine for his startup company.

Top 10 Ways to Disinfect And Save Your Windows 7 After Virus Infection

Virus infection has always been an onus with Microsoft's Windows operating systems. Microsoft's "highly secured" Windows 7 is no exception either. Given the unsuccessful trails like Live OneCare and anti-malware Morro, Microsoft is yet to device a successful anti-virus. Having said that, Windows 7 has incurred a number of security enhancements that we had sited in our Windows 7 Security: A Comprehensive Guide. Now what if your newly adopted OS, Windows 7, suffers a virus attack. Just installing a compatible anti-virus and updating on time doesn't mean a virus free system. There is much to cover once your computer is under infected by virus. We decide to provide you a comprehensive overview of what you can do disinfect and save Windows 7 after it is infected.

1. Complete Virus Scan

Once you realize Windows 7 is infected with virus snap the networks and the Internet to ensure that the bug is not spread to others.  Now run  the anti-virus software until your computer is completely clean. You must perform a Full System Scan. Now reconnect your computer to the Internet and check that theanti-virus is updated.  If not, download the updates. To help you out we had assorted a list of top 5 antivirus for Windows 7 and the 7 best free antivirus for Windows 7

2. Reinstalling applications

Extent of a damaga caused depends on the effectiveness of the virus. It may happen that the virus ruins your Windows 7 OS and you need to reinstall it.Microsoft has significantly improved on the built in Backup and Restore capability of Windows 7.
One of the outstanding features in Windows 7 is the ability to create a System Image (and recovery disk) from the backup console. Essentially it creates asnapshot of your partitions and stores them on an external hard drive or DVD. This enables you to restore the entire system in original state or to recover from a system failure you can quickly restore the entire partition.

German Minister Criticizes Facebook on Privacy

A German minister has sharply criticized Facebook's handling of personal data and is calling on the social network to upgrade its privacy settings.

Consumer protection minister Ilse Aigner urges Facebook's CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg in an open letter "to revise the privacy policy without delay."

In the letter provided Monday to The Associated Press, Aigner refers to Facebook's planned changes to its privacy settings and calls on the company not to allow personal data to be passed on to third parties for commercial purposes without users' consent.

She says "private information must remain private" and adds that "Facebook does not respect this wish."

EPIC: Google Violated Federal Wire Tap Laws

PIC or Electronic Privacy Information Center is reported to have filed a complaint against Google stating that its latest social networking related service Google Buzz may have violated the federal wiretap laws. Allegedly, the complaint with FTC claims that Google's real time collaboration tool is engaged in unfair and deceptive practices.

When the Google Buzz launched in February, it was instantly criticized for involuntarily sharing the personal data of the Gmail users with others. The complaint filed by EPIC indicates that they are unsatisfied with the changes and they want the service should be deactivated by default. Users who want the service can opt for Google Buzz to be enabled on their account. They also want that user's address book should not be used by the service.

They had to bring some changes and make adjustments to Google Buzz to play defensively. And now, with a big can of worms open with Google by EPIC, they seem to be in some trouble now. Though it is still not clear how grave the situation is but it surely has turned from bad to worse.

Joanna Shields leaves Elisabeth Murdoch's Shine to join Facebook

The former Bebo president has left Shine after just a few months to join Facebook as a vice-president of sales and business development
Joanna Shields, who has joined Facebook months after signing up for digital content venture with Elisabeth Murdoch. Photograph: Linda Nylind

The former Bebo president Joanna Shields has joined Facebook in a senior European role, leaving the venture she launched with Elisabeth Murdoch's Shine production company just months ago.

Shields, who was the architect of Bebo's $850m sale to AOL in 2008, is to take the newly created role of vice-president of sales and business development for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Shields, who left AOL in May last year, announced in September that she was launching a digital media content venture with Elisabeth Murdoch's Shine Group. Shields, who blazed a trail in online drama with Bebo's ground-breaking online TV series, KateModern, also had a seat on Shine's advisory board.

"With its culture of authentic identity, Facebook is redefining marketing and transforming how businesses and consumers interact," said Shields. "It is a privilege to help lead this kind of change for Facebook in EMEA. I can't think of a more important and interesting professional challenge."

The shake-up at Facebook will see Blake Chandlee, who left Yahoo UK in 2007 to join up as the first official hire for the London office, has been promoted to vice-president of sales for emerging markets. He will focus on Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

"Continuing to deepen our global sales capabilities is important for Facebook, and a reflection of the growing demand we are seeing from advertisers around the world," said Mike Murphy, vice president of global sales. "Joanna Shields brings tremendous experience to the company and will help us continue to expand the success we have seen with advertisers and partners in Europe. Blake Chandlee, who has been instrumental in building our efforts in Europe to date, will take on the new role of driving our sales strategy in Asia Pacific, Latin America and other growth regions, as we look to grow our global support of the marketing community."

The digital media venture, ShineVu, will continue to run and will now report into Murdoch. Shields will retain the role of non-executive chairman. The pair will not now be giving the joint keynote speech at next month's Mipcom event.

"I want to take this opportunity though to reiterate my commitment to our outstanding team at ShineVu," said Murdoch in an internal email to staff. "I will not rest until we make the multiplatform Shine Group a reality. I would go as far as to describe what we must become as a 'multicultural' creative company as it applies to TV and digital worlds."

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Facebook Affair Behind Killings

Heartless ... Andrew Copland
Heartless ... Andrew Copland

A SECRET affair begun on Facebook could have pushed a jealous ex-partner into blowing away a mum and their daughter, an inquest heard.

Crazed Andrew Copland shot Julie Harrison in the back of the head before her terrified daughter Maisie, four, was blasted with the same World War 2 pistol. 

Suicidal Copland, 56, then turned the Beretta used by the Italian military on himself.
A coroner was told that Julie - who had moved out Copland's house four weeks earlier - had taken their daughter round to visit her dad for a custody visit after Christmas last year. 

But it was feared he shot them both after discovering his ex-partner was having a secret relationship with an old school friend and decided to kill them both and then take his own life. 

An eye witness told how Julie must have realised Copland had a gun after he locked the front door. 

The worried neighbour dialled 999 after seeing her hand hammering on the window and screaming for help.
Unhinged painter and decorator Copland fired a single shot into both his victims and Maisie died at the scene. Julie died later in hospital after being airlifted to a waiting team of surgeons. 

Save Time on Your Computer

It’s happened to us all: You’re on the computer paying bills, organizing car pools or doing any sort of work, then you drift over to Flickr, Twitter, or your friend’s blog, and before you know it, HOURS have passed! When I’m home at night trying to be productive on my computer—or even offline, sorting through mail—I certainly lose concentration with Facebook’s help. But, distractions no more! The other day I learned about this really neat site: Right on its homepage, it states: “On average, RescueTime recovers 3 hours and 54 minutes worth of productive time per week per person.”

How it works:
First of all, it tracks your computer usage, letting you see which sites soak up most of your time and identifying trends where you start to go idle and lose focus on the document you have open. My favorite part is that you can have the system “nudge” you when you get distracted, or even downright block you (at your request, of course) from websites that steal your focus. Imagine how much more efficient you’d be if you didn’t dawdle on sites you simply browse through? (And if you’re an online-shopper like me, it can save us money, too!) Check out to learn more about the free and upgraded versions.

Google Fails to Renew Licence in China

A Chinese woman walks past the Google logo at the Google China headquarters in Beijing, China
Google China headquarters in Beijing. Photograph: Ng Han Guan/AP
Google has not renewed its licence to be an "internet content provider" in China, signalling the end of its ambition to provide search and other internet services inside the country's "Great Firewall" which filters out content deemed sensitive by its government.

Blogger Arab Pacaran Lewat Facebook

Banyak jalan menuju Roma. Begitu juga dengan banyak cara remaja di lingkungan konservatif yang membatasi kontak pria dan wanita bisa berinteraksi bebas. Di Arab Saudi situs jejaring sosial bisa menerobos aturan itu.

Eman Al Nafjan, blogger perempuan dan dosen yang tinggal di Riyadh mengatakan beberapa tahun lalu seorang pria muda yang kesepian harus mengejar perempuan Saudi, kebanyakan menggunakan jilbab hitam panjang sampai kaki (sering disebut abayas) sambil terus berharap mendapatkan nomor telepon mereka.

“Adanya aturan yang sangat ketat antar gender, sehingga pria menjadi sangat putus asa,” kata Eman Al Nafjan. “Namun, keadaan ini mulai menurun sejak ada internet. Mereka tidak terlalu putus asa karena ada cara lain untuk berhubungan.”

Berdasarkan data Arab Media Outlook yang merupakan penelitian hasil kerja sama Dubai Press Club dan Nielsen Media Research terungkap bahwa 70% pengguna internet di negara kerajaan itu mengunakan situs jejaring sosial. Sementara Facebook menjadi situs paling populer.

Microsoft dan Facebook Dituduh Sebabkan Global Warming

Greenpeace telah menuduh Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google dan sejumlah perusahaan teknologi lainnya atas kontribusi meningkatnya pemanasan global (global warming). Menurut report dari Greenpeace, yang berjudul "Make IT Green: Cloud Computing and its Contribution to Climate Change", mengingatkan bahwa pusat data dari komputasi cloud, termasuk Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, dan sebagainya dalam bagian yang besar dapat menghabiskan bahan bakar batubara sehingga menyebabkan global warming. Greenpeace menuduh bahwa perusahaan teknologi tersebut tidak membuat pusat data yang menggunakan energy alternative, atau membuat perubahan policy.

Sebelumnya, Greenpeace juga mengkritik Facebook atas pembelian listrik untuk data center yang menggunakan lebih banyak bahan batubara daripada sebelumnya. Greenpeace kemudian membentuk grup di Facebook untuk menghentikan penggunaan batubara secara berlebihan. Pernyataan tersebut juga diakui oleh Facebook, namun Facebook mengatakan menggunakan server dengan air-cooling bukan AC (air-conditioning), sehingga akan menghemat listrik.

Facebook Ganti Fitur untuk Fan Pages

Facebook kini telah membuat cara baru untuk koneksi user ke situs tersebut. Kini bukan lagi sebuah tombol bertuliskan “become of fan” di perusahaan seperti contoh Starbucks, Facebook akan memudahkan user untuk mengklik tombol “like” brand tersebut. Banyak pengguna yang suka mengklik komentar atau gambar yang diposting di situs tersebut, dan hal tersebut dua kali lebih banyak ketimbang mereka mengklik “become a fan”, menurut Facebook.

Pebisnis yang menggunakan Facebook Pages, yang gratis mereka buat untuk terhubung dengan pelanggan dan untuk mempromosikan brand mereka. “Ide menyukai (liking) brand tersebut terkesan lebih natural dibandingkan ‘becoming a fan’ brand. “ ungkap Michael Lazerow, CEO Buddy Media, yang membantu perusahaan membangun brand dan periklanan mereka di situs jejaring social seperti Facebook.

Surat Dari Masa Depan

Kepada Yth
Tahun 2009

Aku hidup di tahun 2050. Aku berumur 50 tahun, tetapi kelihatan seperti
sudah 85 tahun.

Aku mengalami banyak masalah kesehatan, terutama masalah ginjal karena aku
minum sangat sedikit air putih.

Aku fikir aku tidak akan hidup lama lagi. Sekarang, aku adalah orang yang
paling tua di lingkunganku, Aku teringat disaat aku berumur 5 tahun semua
sangat berbeda, masih banyak pohon di hutan dan tanaman hijau di sekitar,
setiap rumah punya halaman dan taman yang indah, dan aku sangat suka bermain
air dan mandi sepuasnya.

Sekarang, kami harus membersihkan diri hanya dengan handuk sekali pakai yang
di basahi dengan minyak mineral.

Apple Reveals Many Apps for iPad

You can see different iPad apps at Apple iTune store before the release of the Tablet PC on this Saturday. According to Steve Jobs, you can take a quick preview of the iPad apps and learn how to use them. The listing of thousand apps belong to different categories ranging from entertainment and education to news and sports. iTune store has already many apps that is compatible with iPhone and iTouch type of devices.

The prices of the apps range from 99 cents and $9.99 for different programs like Thesaurus XL, Hanoi Street Maps, Aki Mahjong, Stickies, Sex Offenders Search and ESPN Pinball.The popular apps such as USA Today, AP and NPR, Netflix, ebay, and Yellow Pages are still free. The other expensive apps includes The Lonely Planet Publications' 1,000 Ultimate Experiences that costs $19.99, MLB At Bat which is priced at $14.99 and the diagramming program OmniGraffle that costs at $49.99.

Jobs further added that the 1.5 lbs. tablet PC is half-inch thick, it has a 1 GHz processor and is available in 16-gigabyte, 32-gigabyte and 64-gigabyte versions. The price is $499 for the 16-gigabyte version, $599 for the 32-gig version and $699 for the 64, he said.

PC Maker, Inspiration for Microsoft Dies in Ga.

Dr. Henry Edward Roberts, a developer of an early personal computer that inspired Bill Gates to found Microsoft, died Thursday in Georgia. He was 68.

Roberts, whose build-it-yourself kit concentrated thousands of dollars worth of computer capability in an affordable package, inspired Bill Gates and his childhood friend Paul Allen to come up with Microsoft in 1975 after they saw an article about the MITS Altair 8800 in Popular Electronics.

Roberts, an ex-military man, later went on to careers as a farmer and a physician, but continued to keep up with computer advances: He recently told Gates he hoped to work with new, nanotechnology-enhanced machines, according to son David Roberts.

"He did think it was pretty neat, some of the stuff they're doing with the processors," said David Roberts, who confirmed Gates rushed to Georgia Friday to be with his mentor.

Roberts died in a Macon hospital after a long bout with pneumonia, according to his family.

Four Very Useful iPhone Apps

The following are some of the best applications available for iPhone users in accordance with their usefulness.

Buy 43 iPads with the Price of Apple Lisa

The price of Apple Lisa was $9995 when it was introduced first in 1983. If you consider the inflation, it would cost $21,844.85 in today's market. Today you can buy 43 iPads at $499 each with this amount of money. Considering the inflation today, iPad is less expensive than Apple I ($2,540.07), Macintosh Portable ($11,358.59), Newton Message Pad ($1,048.47), Mac mini ($553.64) and iPhone ($521.49). The list includes the 1977 Apple II for $4,641.25, 1991 PowerBook 100 for $3,660.90, 1998 iMac G3 for $1,593.91, 2002 eMac for $1,023, and 2006 MacBook for $1,181.25 after adjusting the inflation. Only the cost of first iPod ($488.46) is less than the iPad today.

The Apple iPad that goes on sale this Saturday starts at $499 with 16 gb model and comes with Only Wi-fi connection. When Apple unveiled the plan in Jan for Tablet pc, analysts expected that the price is going to be anywhere between $800 and $1000. Some analysts also thought that the cost may go up to $2000 for the OLED display one.

One analysts found in February that the total cost of iPad components is $219. He also estimated that the most expensive part is the multi-touch 9.7-inch display that costs $80. Apple A4 processor for iPad that is manufactured by Samsung, was estimated at about $17 per unit and the price of the 16GB of memory was supposed to be at $29.50.

Yahoo’s Email Account in China Was Hacked

According to a Beijing-based press association, the email accounts of foreign journalists in China and Taiwan got hacked. Recently, Google got into a row with Chinese authorities because Gmail accounts based China have been hacked. The Foreign Correspondents' Club of China (FCCC) reported eight cases of hacking of Yahoo Email accounts in China. The company condemned this Cyber attack. A reporter of Irish Times complained that he got an error message while he tried to log into Yahoo. FCCC charged Yahoo for not giving the user about the information of possible cyberattack.

Yahoo has not answered the FCCC's questions about the attacks, nor has it told individual mail users how the accounts were accessed," a spokesman told the news agency.

Top Ten iPhone Hacks You Never Knew

As they say "you have an iPhone app for everything you can think of", still there's much that the smartphone can't do. While we are not unsatisfied with iPhone, its inherently that we keep craving for more. Most of you would love to see your iPhone perform what it never does. It requires nimble work around to get an extra edge from your iPhone. What you need to do is go for some cool iPhone hacks. We decided to provide you with top 10 iPhone hacks that you've never heard of. Our hacks doesn't involve much intricacies, and they are safe.

With iPhone's announcements of two new CDMA iPhones for Verizon and Sprint we are expecting some better prospects than AT&T's impotent network However, for now, let's go through the hacks.
1. How to reduce the size of iPhone app icons

Do you have dozens of iPhone Apps installed in your iPhone? Shifting through the pages when you need one immediately, it can be really frustrating.
One of the ways to reduce home screen is by adding additional columns to your Springboard. However, this might lead to a lot of clutter. However, you have an app that will help you to shrink the size of icons. This will allow you to retain the uncluttered look of the home screen, even if you increase the number of columns with apps such as FiveIrows.